Perfect Antenna for April 1

Too bad it’s August 1 instead of April 1.  I ran across this ideal antenna while modeling some other antennas in EZNEC.  It would be too good to be true except on that one day of the year.   Of course, it’s true.  What’s not to be trusted?  It is modelled in EZNEC to prove it.  The name of the antenna is SUPERGAIN.  As can be seen in the view ant window below it is a triangular loop.

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Screenshot 2015-07-31 09.23.55

So far so good. It’s a simple wire antenna.  Here’s a look at the FF Plot to show the pattern and the gain.   The gain figures are in the notes below the pattern.  Gain of 23.85 dBi and at a fairly low angle, too.  I’ll round that out to 24dBi.

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Screenshot 2015-07-31 09.32.29

This antenna is modeled over real ground by the way, not free space. What a fantastic dx antenna.  I’m pretty sure “fantasy” is the operative word here.  But let’s take this at face value for now.

What could be done with an antenna with 24 dB of gain?    We could put 1 watt in and have an effective radiated power (ERP) of over 200 watts.   We wouldn’t need linear amplifiers any more. We wouldn’t need towers and beams or any other antennas. If we used a typical transceiver with it’s 100 watts the ERP would be 20,000 watts. Or a qrp-er could use 5 watts and have an ERP of 1000 watts.   Hmmm.  This is a really nice antenna and don’t forget from the plot all that radiation is going out at fairly low angles.

What is fooling EZNEC or why haven’t we heard about this wonderful contraption before? What’s going on here?


Solar Cycle Progress June, 2015


It’s disappointing that the cycle has declined faster than predicted.  We’re a year ahead of schedule on the decline. We are currently down to a level we expected a year from now.