Proposed Shack Layout

Ergonomics and fung shui in a shack are important to me but squeezing in all the equipment on one table is a challenge.  Computers are more and more a part of ham radio these days. One screen is not enough. I need lots of computer screen real estate and I also want to reach the knobs at the same time.  I don’t want to give up the knobs.     One program I run is CWSkimmer and it really needs portrait mode to show the whole band at once.  My desk would look something like this:


I think raising the monitors about 8″ will put them at eye level.  It also gives me room underneath for transceivers.  I like the knobs to be at tabletop level because they are easier to reach and turn for my ancient wrists.  I already have a monitor stand that can hold four monitors.  Since I only need to hold two monitors on the stand I can use an extra bracket for a little shelf for small rigs like the 2m/440 transceiver. I have tried bridges before and they got in the way. They raise the monitors too high. I’ve tried just setting monitors on the table before and the mounts get in the way. Stands open up the table nicely.  Ham shacks need fung shui right? And don’t forget an 807 or two.


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