Configuring the IC-7600 and WSJT-X for operation using a USB cable

Some of the blogs discuss the challenge of configuring the IC-7600 and WSJT-X for operation using a USB cable.   Audio both ways over the USB is straightforward and PTT over USB is easy if you’re willing to use CAT. Step one is to make sure the PC recognizes the IC-7600 usb hardware in device manager.  It should have loaded the driver automatically but I had to download a driver manually to make it work. I just googled the name in device manager to find it.

(Note the USB chipset in the IC-7600 is not the TI PCM2900 series with it’s known audio level bug.  The IC-7600 reportedly uses a Silicon Labs CP210x)

PTT using vox does not work with USB because Icom does not feed a decoded audio stream from the USB chip to the vox circuit.  Here are screen snaps of how I did it.



Change all the “Data” fields to USB on the IC-7600 and the audio is taken care of.

Now for the PTT using CAT. Remember we have to use CAT because VOX is not connected internally by ICOM.

WSJT-X IC-7600 configuration

WSJT-X Setup (Click to enlarge)

Note that CAT stops working when the USB goes into sleep mode.  It wakes back up when the pc and the radio are awake but CAT fails anyway.  Going into WSJT-X setup screen, configuration, and pressing “Test CAT Control” seems to fix the issue til next time.  I tried going into the USB settings on the PC in Device Manager, Power Management and disabling sleep mode.  The failure still happens.   It is an annoyance. I also notice if I change something else on the PC it can make the IC-7600/WSJT-X fail.   Another annoyance.  Some say data over USB is not ready for prime time.  You decide.

Update 11/23/2014:  USB is no longer a problem.  All the symptoms mentioned above have gone away mysteriously and it runs without any hiccups.  I suspect one of the many software updates over the months addressed it.  I don’t know which one.   Here is the version information for when this article was written:

PC:  Windows 8.1

WSJT-X:  v1.4.0-rc2

JTAlert:   2.5.3

Update 7/31/2015:  Several version updates later no new problems have appeared and everything above still applies.  Running the following as of this date:

PC: Windows 10

WSJT-X:   1.5.0

JTAlert:   2.6.9


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