House Bill would extend “PRB-1” Protection

July 15, 2014 –  H.R.4969 would extend the protections of PRB-1 to cover restrictive covenants.

Current status is the bill was introduced June 25, 2014 and assigned to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Follow the progress by going to and entering h.r.4969.

Currently the bill is languishing in committee.  Ham radio operator’s best hope would be for this bill to be assigned to the subcommittee “Communication and Technology” because it is chaired by a ham, W7EQI.    That will never happen in my opinion.  It would be close to a guarantee of being voted out of subcommittee and therefore wouldn’t be dying as expected.  If there is any more action between now and November when this Congress ends (or becomes lame duck), I will be surprised and pleased.

As of August 2, Congress adjourned for summer recess the entire month of August with no action on the bill.

Hams are a very vocal constituency but not very powerful.

August 1, 2015 update  – That Congress ended with the bill never even getting a hearing in committee.  In the new Congress the bill was reintroduced as H.R. 1301.  As of August 1, 2015 it has 93 cosponsors, way more than last Congress.   Further indication of more momentum is the fact that a companion bill has been introduced into the Senate as S. 1685,  Still no hearings scheduled and recess is looming.  Stay tuned.


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