June, 2014 Update

We’re living in a temporary apartment for the summer while our new house is being built.  Last month we moved out of our home of 20 years you see in all the previous pictures.  Not to be off the air, I’m working what I can with temporary antennas on the screened-in balcony.  Several antennas have been tried and each has it’s strong points and it’s down sides.  I have settled on an AEA Isoloop as you see in these pics. It gets out.  My goal is to work all states on JT65 and I’m up to 34 as of today on 20 meters.

Six meters has been a surprise discovery, having been a ham for 50 years and never had a 6 meters qso until now.  It’s a blast and now I see why they call this the magic band.  I’m using a wire vertical on the screen which you might spot in the picture.  Eight states so far and going strong.   Hope to work you this summer.




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