5BDXCC QSO’s confirmed

Woo woo!  The 100th qsl for 80m came into LOTW today, at least I just discovered it today.  It is South Africa on JT65 last March.  Congratulations JT65 for pushing me over the 5BDXCC threshold.  Today’s confirmation means I have either qsl cards in my hand or QSO’s confirmed officially on LOTW.  Whew, what a ride it’s been, trying to finish 80 meters.  It was a killer for some reason. And yes, that big K5RP loop antenna did help a lot.   I have such new earned respect for all those before me who have earned 5BDXCC.  I had no idea. Thank you to all those who worked me and confirmed the qso.  Next step is to gather it all up and submit the application to the ARRL.  With 500 pieces of documentation to account for that should be a daunting task in itself.

Update February 21, 2016:  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.   One of the countries I submitted for 40 meters has been deleted and my 5BDXCC application was denied.  Fortunately I had many more  countries worked on 40 meters and I just needed to replace the deleted country.  I resubmitted and my 5BDXCC has arrived dated April 7, 2015.

Here is the log book screensnap showing the confirmed count of 100.




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