Next generation stealth antennas

Most likely our next house will be a one-story and if we’re lucky it will have a walkout basement.  Our covered deck simulates that now so I’m trying antennas using the deck as my next antenna project.  This should provide some incite into what will work if we move.

Three choices are possible where a conductor could run from the roof to the ground.  First, there’s the downspout.  Second, the flag pole combined with a wire running down to the ground.  Third, a wire on the corner post running from the ground to the roof.


Beginning on the left the flag pole is first.  I attached a wire to the base of the mast and ran the wire down to the ground.


Next I laid down radials in the form of welded wire fencing and installed a SG-230 tuner.

IMG_0895.JPG (2)

Results are less than exciting.  The SGC is able to tune the antenna on all bands 80 thru 10 meters and that’s good but does it radiate?  Using JT65 as a test mode on 20 m, I had trouble getting others to hear me and respond.  I made one QSO on 20 m with a station in Louisiana.  He gave me a very good report. At this point I will continue to evaluate for a week or so then change over to the downspout.


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